How to reset the earbuds?
Short press L button and R button on the earbuds for 5 times quickly when the earbuds are in pairing mode. After reset you can hear a voice prompt saying “Bye”.

What to do if you cannot find the earbuds in the BT devices list?
On your mobile device, turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on. Then try pairing again.
Delete the earbuds from the Bluetooth list on your mobile device. Then try pairing again.
Move your mobile device closer to the earbuds and away from any interference or obstructions.
Please make sure the earbuds are not connected to another device. If this isn’t the case, do a factory reset.

Can I connect the earbuds to my computer or laptop?
Yes, but you can only connect if the computer and laptop have the Bluetooth function.
Remark: When connecting the headphone with computer or laptop, the MIC function is not always available on all computers and laptops. This is due to the system design /setting /compatibility of your specific computer and laptop, but not an indication of any problems with the earbuds.

What to do when only 1 earbud connects?
Put both earbuds back into the charging case, then take them out and try pairing again.
If this doesn’t work, reset the earbuds. Then try paring again.

What if the music keeps playing when I put the earbuds back in the charging case?
Take the earbuds out, and put them into the charging case again properly. Please make sure the charging pins of earbuds and charging case are clear with no dirt which could cause charging issues. Also make sure the earbuds are well connected to the charging case. If the above doesn’t work, the charging case might be fully out of power and needs to be recharged.

What does the IPX version of my earbuds stand for?
IPX4 stands for sweat proof.

What is the difference between ANC and ENC?
ANC is for shutting out external noise when wearing the headphone. ENC shuts out external noise during your phone calls so the receiver of the call can hear you clearly. Urban Vitamin Palm Springs supports ENC!

My earbuds keep falling out of my ear. What can I do?
The earbuds come with spare ear tips. Try the other sizes until you find the size that fits you.

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