How to reset the earbuds?
Put both earbuds back into the case. On the back of the case, you can find a button near the charging port. Press this button for 6 seconds. The earbuds will turn off and on again. When they turn on, the reset is done. All pairing records are deleted.

What to do if you cannot find the earbuds in the BT devices list?
On your mobile device, turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on. Then try pairing again. Delete the earbuds from the Bluetooth list on your mobile device. Then try pairing again. Move your mobile device closer to the earbuds and away from any interference or obstructions. Please make sure the earbuds are not connected to another device. If this isn’t the case, do a factory reset.

Can I connect the earbuds to my computer or laptop?
Yes, but you can only connect if the computer and laptop have the Bluetooth function.
Remark: When connecting the headphone with computer or laptop, the MIC function is not always available on all computers and laptops. This is due to the system design /setting /compatibility of your specific computer and laptop, but not an indication of any problems with the earbuds.

What to do when only 1 earbud connects?
If only one earbud is working, put them both back into the case and try again. If this still doesn’t work, please do a factory reset.
What if the music keeps playing when I put the earbuds back in the charging case?
You can put the earbuds back into the case without turning the music off. The music will stop playing when you close the lid.

Can I take off the ear hooks?
No, it is not possible to take the ear hooks off.

What does the IPX version of my earbuds stand for?
IPX5 stands for splash proof.

Why does the earbuds sound suddenly gets distorted?
Bluetooth signal is vulnerable to electromagnetic interference in airport, railway subway etc.

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