Can I charge any phone wirelessly with Saratoga?
Saratoga supports magnetic wireless charging for iPhone 12 (and up) models and regular wireless charging for other phones that are compatible with wireless charging.

What is the maximum input power?
100-240V AC 0.3A max

What is the maximum output power?
The max output power is 18W when using the USB-A port. When using the Type-C output port the max output power is 20W. The wireless max output power is 15W.

How many devices can you charge at once?
You can charge 5 devices at once, because there is a USB-A output, a USB-C output, a wireless charging output and 2 integrated cables (Type-C & iOS).

Can you charge the universal charger and charge a device at once?
Yes, this is possible.

How many additional plugs does the Saratoga come with?
Saratoga has an integrated US plug and 3 additional plugs ( UK, EU, AU).

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