Oakland RCS recycled plastic 6-in-1 fast charging 45W cable, black

Always charge using the fastest charging speed possible with the Oakland fast charging cable. Made with certified recycled materials. The case is made out of 100% RCS certified recycled TPE plastic and the wire from 100% recycled TPE inner material and 100% recycled PET outer layer. RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) is a standard to verify the recycled content of a product throughout the whole supply chain. RCS is the standard that is used when a part of the item has been made from recycled materials. The 120 cm cable has 5 different connectors: USB C in, USB A in, type C out, IOS out and micro USB out. This also allows you to use the cable with type C output devices that are included in the newer generation of phones and macbook computers. The cable also has a USB A output input option so it can charge any device from any output source. Max current type C to lightning 18W. Max current type C to type C 45W. Urban Vitamin items are made without PVC and packed in plastic reduced packaging.

Available colours

Product details

Width:0.40 cm
Length:120.00 cm
Height:0.40 cm
Main material:Recycled polyethylene terephthalate
Secondary material:Recycled TPE

Certified recycled materials

Most components of Oakland are RCS certified recycled materials. RCS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled material. We used recycled aluminum, recycled PET, and recycled TPE to make this cable.

Powerful 45W charging

Oakland supports fast charging up to 45W. Offering the fastest charge possible for your mobile device and even supports charging for type C laptops.

1.2 meter

Oakland is 1.2 meter long which is more than enough to charge your device even if your charger is little further away or on the floor.

Reduced plastic box

We have designed our box eliminating as much plastic as possible.

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