Glendale RCS rplastic air conductive headphone, black

Meet Glendale, the most premium and technologically advanced headphone ever. Glendale changes the way you listen to music and workout. The unique open design does not put the earbuds in your ear but next to them creating continuous situational awareness when you are outside. All this in premium sound quality with enhanced bass. The earbuds are IPX4 waterproof so suitable for any workout. The comfortable and lightweight earbuds are perfect both for daily use and for workouts. The battery will keep you going up to 10 hours on one single charge. If you have an incoming call simply answer with the integrated microphone. Glendale is made with RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified recycled ABS. Total recycled content: 17% based on total item weight. RCS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials. Urban Vitamin items are made without PVC and packed in plastic reduced packaging.

Product details

Width:10.00 cm
Length:14.20 cm
Height:4.80 cm
Main material:Recycled Polycarbonate
Secondary material:Recycled ABS

Made with certified recycled materials

We care about the environment as much as you do. That’s why we’ve crafted these sport earbuds with sustainability in mind. They are made with a significant percentage of recycled materials, reducing their environmental impact. You can enjoy your music guilt-free, knowing you’ve chosen a product that helps protect our planet.

Open Ear Wearing Method:

Introducing the next evolution in sport earbuds – our innovative open-ear design. Say goodbye to discomfort and that plugged-up feeling typical earbuds can cause during workouts. Our open-ear wearing method allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your favorite tunes. You can run, bike, or hit the gym with confidence, knowing you’ll hear approaching traffic or engage in conversations without missing a beat.

IPX 4 Waterproof Rating:

Designed to withstand your most intense workouts, our sport earbuds come with an impressive IPX4 waterproof rating. Rain or shine, sweat or drizzle, these earbuds are built to endure. Whether you’re pushing through a tough training session or caught in unexpected weather, you can trust your earbuds to keep the music playing without a hiccup.

Lightweight Design

Experience ultimate comfort during long hours of training or commuting. Our wireless sport earbuds feature a lightweight, ergonomic design that fits securely in your ears without causing discomfort or fatigue. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them as you stay focused on your goals.

10 Hours of Battery Use:

No need to cut your workout short or recharge constantly. With an impressive 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, these earbuds are your ideal fitness companion. Whether it’s a marathon run, an all-day hike, or a long commute, our earbuds will keep you powered up throughout the day.

Reduced plastic box

We have designed our box eliminating as much plastic as possible.

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