How can I reset my headphone?
Press and hold “+” and “-” buttons for about 5 seconds when the headphone is in pairing mode.

What to do if I cannot find the headphone in BT devices list?
• On your mobile device, turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on. Then try pairing again.
• Move your mobile device closer to the headphone and away from any interference or obstructions.

Can I connect to my computer or laptop?
Yes, but only if your computer or laptop has Bluetooth function.
Remark: When connect the headphone with computer or laptop, the MIC function is not always available on all computers and laptops. This is due to the system design /setting /compatibility of your specific computer and laptop, but not an indication of any problem with the headphone.

Can I wash my earpads?
You can use the a cloth to clean. The earpads are made by leather, and not detachable from product.
Therefore, it’s not suitable to wash the surface by water.
Never immerse the headphone in water.

Does the MIC also work when connected by AUX cable?
No, the MIC doesn’t work when connected by AUX cable.
All control buttons won’t work in AUX IN mode too.

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