Urban Vitamin Palmdale RCS rplastic 16W speaker IPX7, black

The Palmdale Wireless speaker provides you with the freedom to enjoy your music without any limitations. This robust 16W speaker is made to withstand various conditions, offering everything you need for an immersive music experience. Its practical integrated lanyard and durable, IPX 7 water-resistant design ensure that you can bring your favourite tunes with you wherever you go. Additionally, you have the option to connect two speakers together using the stereo pairing function, creating an authentic stereo sound experience. A full charge allows you to play music up to 10H on a single charge. The double sub woofers will give you an unmatched bass experience. Palmdale is made with RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified recycled ABS and recycled PET. Total recycled content: 35 % based on total item weight. RCS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials. Urban Vitamin items are made without PVC and packed in plastic reduced packaging

Product details

Width:9.50 cm
Length:9.40 cm
Height:11.30 cm
Main material:Recycled ABS


Experience the epitome of audio excellence with the Urban Vitamin Palmdale Speaker. Designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality and sustainability, this speaker is your ultimate companion for all your adventures.

Powerful 16W Speaker with Super Strong Bass:

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound and deep, resonant bass with the Palmdale Speaker’s powerful 16W output. Whether you are enjoying your favorite tunes indoors or outdoors, this speaker ensures an immersive listening experience like no other.

Sustainable Design:

At Urban Vitamin, we prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality. The Palmdale Speaker is crafted from recycled fabric and recycled PET bottles, making it an eco-conscious choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style or performance.

Waterproof IPX7 Rating:

Take your music wherever you go, rain or shine, with the Palmdale Speaker’s waterproof IPX7 rating. Whether you are lounging by the pool, hiking in the mountains, or relaxing on the beach, this speaker can withstand water immersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment even in the wettest conditions.

Stereo Functionality:

Experience true stereo sound by pairing two Palmdale Speakers together. With the stereo function, you can enjoy a wider soundstage and enhanced audio separation, bringing your music to life like never before. Transform any space into a concert hall and immerse yourself in rich, multidimensional sound.

Reduced plastic box

We have designed our box eliminating as much plastic as possible.

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